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College Signings

Shown below are the current Tophat college recruits with their schools.  Go to collegians for older players. 


Tophat 2014 and later





Weldon Kolker 2018 University of Georgia
Ella Shamburger 2018 University of Georgia
Reagan Kelley 2018 Vanderbilt University
Delaney Graham 2018 Duke University
Pace Stephenson 2018 Xavier University
Jackson Moehler 2018 Clemson University
Lee Sheppard 2018 Clemson University
Reagan Smith 2018 Villanova University
Cecily Mohammed 2018 University of Georgia
Charlotte Teeter 2018 Texas Tech University
Olivia Dedels 2018 Auburn University
Rachel Jones 2018 University of
North Carolina

Delaney Erwin 2017 University of Georgia
Caroline Orman 2017 Samford University
Lexi Orman 2017 Samford University
Grace Nguyen 2017 Georgetown University
Lauren Chang 2017 University of
South Carolina

Kayla Bruster 2017 University of Georgia
Kara Henderson 2017 Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Belle Briede 2017 Stanford University
Jessica Haidet 2017 University of Southern California
Heitho Shipp 2017 Miami University
Oxford, OH
Melissa Cameron 2016 University of Alabama at Birmingham
Logue Shamburger 2016 University of Alabama
Kendall Parks 2016 Coastal Carolina University
Alex Plavin 2016 University of Alabama
Amanda Baker 2016 Furman University
Chloe Maize 2016 University of Alabama
Erin Ratchick 2016 University of Georgia
Caroline Saltmarsh 2016 Vanderbilt University
Kaylann Boyd 2016 Vanderbilt University
Allie Lourie 2016 Samford University
Taylor Meneide 2016 Samford University
Miller Leeson 2016 Furman University
Grace Jackson 2016 Vanderbilt University
Lexi Kent 2015 Truett McConnell College
Brook Wilson 2015 Truett McConnell College
Kaitlyn Orman 2014 Samford University
Stephanie Krouskos 2014 University of Virginia
Serenity Waters 2014 University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Rachel Western 2014 Davidson College
Sheridan Nulty 2014 College of the Holy Cross
Cadye Picklesimer 2014 Presbyterian College
Valerie Berneo 2014 Mercer University
Allie James 2014 Georgia State University
Maddie Stephens 2014 Georgia College
Allison Leone 2014 Western Kentucky University
Heather Ferrari 2014 Belmont University
Rachel Green 2014 University of Alabama at Birmingham
Teresa Durham 2014 Emory University
Sanon Williams 2014 Furman University
Madison Carter 2014 Kennesaw State